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The PC Exchange in many ways was created as a result of the recession. During times like these, we are looking for ways to save money and put food on the table. However, it is because of that, we often times make less than smart decisions.

Some of these decisions include going to shady businesses or inexperience hobbyist working out of their home and or falling for scams that convince people to (unknowingly) pay for a Windows upgrade with pirated software for less that what the software costs by itself.

If you were one of those people, we are not judging, but as many have found, this usually results in spending way more money in the end. This had become such a major issue on sites like Lejeune Yard Sales and Craigs List (sites where these types of services are offered) that we made it our mission to warn others and urge them to do some research and take their business to an established shop with a good reputation. We offered tips on what to look for in a good shop and how to spot businesses that had less that ethical business practices . . . but that wasn’t good enough.

Not Hero’s

You would think that by doing this people would write nice emails thanking us for helping them avoid bad deals and scams, but thats not what happened. The fact is, we got a lot of hate mail from both those who were scamming people and from those who simply did not care.

It was through this experience that we learned that it was not enough to warn people about shady business practices or scams, but you had to also provide a solution to those problems. We felt the only way to accomplish this, was to become that solution.

Thus The PC Exchange Was Born.

The PC Exchange was built on two concepts: Provide customers with a quality service unlike most had ever experienced and give people options other than purchasing expensive new computers that they don’t need. In by doing so, we have been saving customers thousands of dollars for almost 3 years.


About Us

Not Your Ordinary Shop

In just about any type of business there are negative stereotypes, and just like any other business, we have to battle these stereotypes. In the computer repair industry, local shops are by in large thought to be shady and out to get you for every penny your worth, while incompetence is another issue that concerns would be customers. Further more, what makes this worse is the stigma that Geek Squad has created due to hiring kids straight out of high school with no experience and charging up to 70% more than local shops for the same services. So how do we battle these stereotypes?

We Tell You What You Need To Hear, Not What You WANT to Hear

Unlike most shops, we will tell you upfront your worst and best case scenarios according to your situation. We will tell you exactly what you should expect to pay accordingly and nothing less.

While we would love to be able to tell you that your computer is the greatest thing on earth and that repairing it will cost next to nothing, we must be fair and give you our honest opinion. If your computer is junk, we will tell you. If the possible repairs exceed the value of the computer, we will tell you. And if there are likely to be other issues that you are unaware of, we will tell you before doing any repairs. We are very blunt and very honest, and while telling you what you want to hear may make you feel better, in the end, it could end up costing you more.

Building Trust

Because we choose to tell our customers what they need to hear instead of what they want to hear, we end up turning away a lot of business. In retrospect, this may seem counterproductive and even harmful to our business, but we believe that the opposite is true. By providing our honest opinion and helping our customers to make better, more educated decisions (even if it means not doing business with us) we have found that we gain their respect and trust and in the long run, we gain their business in the future.

We are NOT Burger King . . .

This is the part where many of you will close out this page and never come back, but here it is. We are not Burger King. We do not believe that the customer is always right or that they should always have it their way.

If your still reading this, we assume that you are a rational person willing to listen to reason . . . and that you have a lot of time on your hands :p

As I have mentioned before, The PC Exchange was created as an answer to a growing problem, that problem being shady shops willing to do anything for a buck, even if that means doing repairs wrong and costing the customer more money in the end. So, when a customer comes in and asks us if we can do a service cheaper by cutting corners or by jerry-rigging something together as a temporary fix, we absolute refuse. So, if you are someone who does not understand value and who only wants a quick fix, then you have come to the wrong place and you will have to choose one of the many shops who will cater to that. But when it comes to doing the job right, it is our way or the highway.


However, will absolutely do our best to cater to your needs and provide the best service possible. While we do refuse to do unreasonable repairs that usually results in more damage, we will offer you our advice and help you to make the best decision possible.

Being Completely Legit

As I said before, pirated software has become a growing issues and we absolutely refuse to go down that path. If you are looking for someone to steal and install a hacked version of Windows 7 or some other expensive program, then you have come to the wrong place. And while the idea of “hooking someone up” seems helpful and in the customers best interest, in this case it’s not. Simply put, it’s morally and ethically wrong.

We Are NOT The Cheapest:

And we never will be. We believe that those who make this claim are either foolish, desperate for business (usually for a good reason) or provide low quality work with little value and benefit to the customer. We are firm believers that you get what you pay for.

But We Are Competitively Priced

While we will never be the cheapest, we are most certainly not the most expensive. We understand that times are tough and not everyone can afford to to just go out and buy another computer each time something goes wrong with their old one. We are here to help and we promise to give you the most bang for your buck.


In Short

In short, we are fair and honest and we will always try to do right by our customers. While we refuse to do things wrong in the name of being cheap, we will do our best to offer solutions that will benefit you and your family, even if that means putting our business on the back burner. If you are looking for cheap low quality service, keep looking, you won’t find it here, but if you are looking for quality services provided by qualified technicians, you have come the the right place.



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